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Cyan Burrito!  Sapphire Veto!  Navy Incognito!  Cerulean Devito!

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If Anders suddenly became real and expressed interest in dating you, do you think your boyfriend would be upset or do you think he'd let you go running off with Anders?


lol oh gosh. I think he’d be pretty pissed if I wanted to leave him for someone else, even Anders. I honestly don’t know that I’d leave him for Anders, anyway. As much as I love Anders and want nothing more than for him to be happy, I don’t know that we’d do well together in a relationship. And my boyfriend is everything I’ve ever wanted or looked for in a partner and more. I would definitely try to be Anders’ bestie at the very least, though.



For tonight only! I’ve been having a hard time drawing the past couple days so I’m trying to get my act together with some quick sketch commissions vwv`

  • paypal only
  • there is no slot limit I’ll just call it quits when I’m ready to go to bed!
  • I’ll draw most characters as long as you can provide a reference (picture or text description is okay)

send me a message if you’re interested! (if I don’t reply for awhile I might have not gotten it)




You generally tailor it toward the company you’re applying for but it can be short and simple, just a brief paragraph. “Hi my name is ___ I’m very interested in working for your company. I’m currently doing x, y, z, and my future goals are _______. Thank you for taking the time to review my resume and I look forward to hearing back from you.” It doesn’t have to be very lengthy. 

Like this:


I would like to express my interest in [SOME POSITION] at [COMPANY]. Although I’ve explored many options in my job search, I’ve come to respect the quality and integrity of the work that you do.

For example, I was very impressed by the latest television campaign for Kellogs. I love creating great advertisements for television, radio, and print, and believe I would be a good asset to your company. I’m a hard worker who thinks outside of the box while producing creative work in an efficient manner. I believe you’ll find that my four years of experience at [SOME OTHER COMPANY I CLEARLY WANT TO LEAVE OR WAS FIRED FROM], and my resulting portfolio, mirror these qualities. I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging ideas about what I can offer [COMPANY].

Thank you for your consideration.


Telling an artist or writer they are only good because they want the attention is like accusing a flower of only blooming because it wants to be admired. All they see is the end result, not the struggle to survive and grow long enough to bloom in the first place.
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please do yourself a favor and date the biggest fckn nerd u can get ur hands on

Done!  Now what?

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He hates mages but I’m gonna do him.
my girlfriend in regards to Fenris
To some, you were a chapter.
To me, you are the book.






Faith in Humanity Restored

there needs to be more of this

Some days I hate people, others I find things like this and just love people.

I wish we’d see this on the news more often instead of 3 continuous hours of coverage on that governor with the Potato in his anus…:/

Not gonna lie, I cried a little.